Adding new posts – staff

The staff list is basically just lots of posts in a special list. These posts are all collected together in their own type under ‘Staff posts’ in the left hand column.

Edit a Staff post

Edit a staff post in the same way you would edit any other post type. The only difference is that they are all collected together under a special post type, ‘Staff posts’, in the left menu column. Click on the button to get the staff list, choose the name you want to edit and then edit the post as normal.

Make a new Staff post

Find ‘Staff posts’ in the left hand menu in the Admin area and choose ‘Add new’, or hover over ‘+ New’ on the Admin bar and choose ‘Staff posts’.

The title for the post in the top bar should be the NAME of the staff member. Their biography goes into the main content window. To add their headshot, click on ‘Set featured image’ in the Featured Image box on the bottom right of the editing window, and follow the instructions.

Now you need to input the ROLE or JOB that the staff member does. Go to the ‘Custom fields’ box underneath the main content window. (If you can’t see it, click on ‘screen options’ in the top yellow bar and turn it on.) Add a new custom field by clicking the drop down under ‘Name’ and choosing ‘role’ from the bottom of the list. In the box next door, under ‘Value’, write in the job title for your staff member.

Finally you must make sure that you tick the correct box under ‘Site note type’ – these put your staff post under the right department. The post will not show if you don’t tick a box.

Note: Academy and admin staff are listed just as names at the bottom of the Staff by department page itself, they are not individual posts as they do not need biographies etc.

Ordering the Staff posts

Until Wingfinger does an upgrade, the staff posts are ordered by the date they were made (published), oldest first. The website does not show this date, however. So if you want to boost someone up the list, you need to change the published date by clicking ‘Edit’ in the Publish box top left of the editing area, above the blue button.

The Head of Department must go at the top of the list – so this post will need to be kept as the oldest date.

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