Adding new posts – news, shows, events, workshops

The lists of productions, news and academy events all work in the same way. Here’s how to make a new one to go in the list.

Recent news

News items get added to the ongoing list with the most recent at the top. Either go to Pages in the Admin area left menu, and click on Add New, or hover over the + New button on the grey Admin bar at the top of the browser and select Post.

Give your post a title, in the top box, and then type in your content! See editing and styling content for how to make your text look good, or Using images and Inserting links and media to embed images, videos, make links etc.

If you want to use an image with the post, find the bottom box on the right hand side of the editor window called Featured image. Click on Set featured image and follow the instructions. This picture will appear as the thumbnail for the post in any lists, and as the main picture at the top of the post when it is viewed in full. You don’t have to have a featured image – the post will still show without one – and it doesn’t stop you adding extra images within the content.

Now you must go to the Categories box on the right hand side and tick ‘News’. If you don’t tick this box then your post won’t appear on the website.

When you are done, click the blue Publish button in the top right hand box – and you’re done. The post is displayed with the date when you wrote the post.

NOTE: You can press Save draft instead and come back to the post to finish later – it will show in the list of posts but not on the website – or you can set the Publish date to some time in the future, at which point it will appear on the site.

Events and Productions

Events and productions are made in exactly the same way as News, above, BUT you must make sure you tick the appropriate type in the Categories box – ‘Events’ or ‘Productions’.

Use the purple style for sentences about date/time and tickets and put it after the regular text explaining the event. The actual cost in £ can also go in bold.

For these types of post, you must also set a date – it is this that is used to keep the list in order (the event coming soonest appears first) and is shown as the date for the event. Click on Edit directly above the blue Publish button on the right, after where it says Publish immediately. You will then get a little set of boxes appearing – enter the details for your event here. The time should be entered as 24hr clock.

NOTE: Wingfinger will improve this system in the future to incorporate events that span several days. For now, put in the date it starts on, and make sure that the full date and time information is displayed (in purple) within the post.

Workshops and Summer School

Workshops are made exactly as any other posts, but the Categories tick box is ‘Workshops’. If you are making a Summer School post, make sure you tick BOTH ‘Workshops’ and ‘Summer School’ – this will mean the post shows up on the Summer School web page and also in the list of workshops. You can also tick ‘Events’ if the workshop is being held at MGA.

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