Inserting links and media items

Creating links

The link button looks like a link of chain in the Visual editor and the word ‘link’ underlined in the the HTML editor.

To do email links

‘Please contact us to find out more.’

  • Select the link text (here it was ‘contact us’).
  • Click the link button.
  • Replace the “http://” with “”.

To do internal links

‘Please make use of the private Test page.’

  • Select the text you want to be the link (here it was ‘Test page’).
  • Click the link button
  • Replace the “http://” with the last part of the permalink (the page address) to the page, including the parent level. You can copy and paste it either from the address bar of the browser or from the Permalink line above the editing window for the appropriate page: “/test-page”. You can also select it from the list under ‘link to existing content’ after you have clicked the link button, this makes a default long version and you are best trimming down to the slash and the page and/or parent name.

To make a download file link

‘Please download the application form.’

  • In the page content of the editor window, put the cursor where you want the link to go and click on the Upload/insert button
  • Upload the file or find it in the Media library and click Show.
  • Find the Link line. Select File URL. It will use whatever is in the Title line as the highlighted text for your link – here ‘application form’ (you can adjust this afterwards in the editing window as well).
  • Click Insert into post

Alternatively, proceed as per inserting a link to an internal page (you’ll need to upload the file first):

  • Select the link text in your content (here ‘application form’).
  • Click the link button.
  • Replace the “http://” with the file’s permalink, which you can copy and paste from the File URL field visible when you click on the item in the media list eg: “/site2012/wp-content/uploads/year/month/form.pdf”.

Special media items


It’s best to do this in the HTML editor view. In YouTube (or other video sharing site):

  • Find your video
  • Click on Share tag. If you are putting your video on to a page then paste this text into your editing panel on a new line and away you go. BUT if you’re inserting it into a post, then you will need to carry on…
  • Click on Embed tag
  • Deselect Show suggested videos when the video finishes
  • Under size, select custom size and set it to 480px wide
  • Copy the iframe code from box
  • Paste the iframe code into your content editor panel on a new line, wherever you want it

View this page in the HTML editor on the Admin side to see how this video’s code looks…

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