Creating new pages

Each page on the website is listed under Pages in the left hand menu. These are either parent pages (appearing in the main navigation bar of the site), sub pages (in the drop down menus under the main menu items), single pages that do not belong in the main menu (eg: T&Cs) or private pages.

Private pages include a testing page for you to try things out on, and other pages that you only want people inside the Admin area to see.

Making a new page

  • Choose + New > Page from the Admin Bar or find Pages in the left column menu and click Add new
  • Give the page a title (the box along the top)
  • Add your page content into the editing window (see below)
  • Press the blue Publish/Update button to save your changes

Page content

Almost all the MGA pages should include:

  • A title in the title bar – this is what appears in the menus and may need to be kept short so it stays nicely on one line
  • A title with paragraph h1 tags applied as the first line of content in the editing window (This can be a longer/extended version of the above but keep it within the width of the main picture)
  • A featured image – see Using images – not essential but all the main pages and sub pages on the site (except for list pages) start with a large image
  • Page content – text, pictures etc are added as for posts. See Editing and style posts for more.

Page ordering and navigation

The structure for the MGA site is pretty much final: although it is possible to add in extra sub pages, the main menu item names are fixed. If you want to add in a new main menu item, or change the title displayed on the button, you will need to contact Wingfinger (or create a new button graphic and change the coding). New main pages will not appear in the main navigation.

Sub menu items can be added: in the Page Attributes box on the right of the editing window, click the Parent drop down and select the parent page. The new page will then appear in sub menus.

To change the order that pages appear in, change the number in the Page Attributes box under Order. Zero – 0 – is the top of the list. You will need to check corresponding page orders to make effective changes (WordPress will decide the order between two items with the same order number).


To the right of the Editing panel, you can set the Status of the page to Published, Draft, or Pending Review. Only Published pages will be visible to ordinary site visitors. Under Visibility, you can set the page to Private.

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