Changing home page items

There are various parts of the homepage that you can change. The page is made up of several lists and items all brought together. The only thing that you will see in the editing window from the Pages list is the list widget for the latest news items.

Some of these items are snippets – to see just the snippets relating to the home page, go to the Snippets list in the Admin area and filter it by ‘Home items’.

Latest News list

The ‘Latest News’ list is in shortcode in the main editing window (the text between square brackets). This is set up like all other lists on this site – see Changing and inserting lists. With its cat number it is only bringing in the news item posts.

All the other areas

All the other homepage things you can change are in areas of the page listed in the custom fields box – the see where and what they are, look down to the Custom Fields box under the editing window when viewing the home page in the Admin area.

Coming Up list

This displays just the start date, thumbnail and title for any future events. Its custom field Name is home-0-list and the cat numbers call in post types of shows, events, workshops and summer schools.


The right-hand video is a custom field of right-0-post which calls in a snippet called ‘HOME video’. To change the video, find this post in the Snippets list, and paste in a new YouTube embed code in the editing window to replace the existing one. This video MUST be set to 500px wide when you get the code from YouTube. See Inserting links and media items for more on using videos.

If you want to replace this video with something else, eg: an image, you need to change the ids= number in the custom field value to your image’s new id number. See Inserting items into left and right columns for more.

Facebook box

This box is also a snippet, called in to a custom field of right-1-post. The snippet is called HOME facebook plugin. All the code needed to make this connect to the MGA facebook page is contained in this snippet and shouldn’t be messed around with unless you know what you’re doing! You can change this to another object eg: an image as described about but again it MUST stay at 500px wide.

Slide show

The slide show of pictures in the header of the home page is in the custom field head-1-slideshow. Chosen images are listed by their id number after ids= in the Values box, so if you want to change/add images, just find their number (in the Images drop down list on the right, if you’ve already uploaded them) and add them to this line. The rest of the code in the Value box needs to stay as it is or it will break the layout of the page.

Home page top text

The text at the side of the slideshow, starting ‘Whatever the level…’ is made as a picture (to make it look good!) so if you want to change it you need to remake the picture (so it is listed under the Images dropdown and in the media library, it’s not a snippet). Wingfinger has the master file for these graphics so you’re probably best asking us to do it. Again the SIZE of any replacement image MUST stay the same.

Header strap line

The text that says ‘welcome to a world of performing arts opportunities’ is also actually an image, and is done in the same way as the introductory text above. It has a custom field of head-2-post and needs to keep the specified style or the layout will break.

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